NEW ALBUM!July 13, 2009
     After reviewing some photos online, I noticed one individual's album who happened to show an auditorium in Undercliff. Intrigued by this personal new discovery, I decided to go take a look. Because I already have an album from Undercliff, I neglected to take many pictures. I brought Steve along with me, and he ended up being my only subject for the whole time there. We ended up finding the auditorium and Steve took many great shots, but my only shot was, of course, Steve taking those great shots! Hopefully he will post them soon.

     After that adventure we shot over to Middletown to see the Connecticut Valley Hospital Cemetery, which is where most of the photos in this album came from. You can view the whole album here. Enjoy!

A few photos from the album:


Welcome Again!July 13, 2009
     So today marks the first day since I decided to get my domain back. After getting it working again, I looked at the site and realized it needed a little make-over. So here it is, the new It will look like this, of course, until I decide that this design is crap and make a new one from scratch.

     Until then, enjoy the redesign, and the new photos. In the future I hope to add the "projects" section back online, but I do not have any interesting projects going on YET. After this Wedesday though, I might have a worth-while project to post ;) Stay tuned!


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